The Strange Case of Thomas Quick
Dan Josefsson, Portobello Books 2015

The astonishing true story of the prisoner who posed as the worst serial killer in Swedish history

In 1991 Sture Bergwall, a petty criminal and drug addict, botched an armed robbery so badly that he was deemed to be more in need of therapy than punishment. He was committed to Säter, Sweden’s equivalent of Broadmoor, and began a course of psychotherapy and psychoactive drugs. During the therapy, he began to recover memories so vicious and traumatic that he had repressed them: sickening scenes of childhood abuse, incest and torture, which led to a series of brutal murders in his adult years. He eventually confessed to raping, killing and even eating more than thirty victims. Embracing the process of self-discovery, he took on a new name: Thomas Quick. He was brought to trial and convicted of eight of the murders.

In 2008, his confessions were proved to be entirely fabricated, and every single conviction was overturned...